Comedy + Dance + Pop Culture

About the show

Billy Schultz’s contagiously joyful and irresistibly playful dance game show “Dancify That” takes a typical elimination game show structure and remixes it to create a live event with an atmosphere that is equal parts dance party, sporting event, and celebration of bold personalities through movement.

Each show features 5 dance duos who are selected based on their performative flair and ability to create dances inspired by a variety of prompts. Though some technical challenges are often presented to the contestants, their main task is “dancifying” a pop culture video snippet.  Contestants transform the emotions, movements, and spatial dynamics of the video into dance choreography. The comedy comes from the curation in the video material which ranges from cats-being-jerks videos to bizarre human interest news stories as well as the comedian commentators.

Dancify That is based in NYC, has been produced internationally, and is currently in development for TV.