We have the most fun with dance.

Our contestants people who love performing. All are equal on the Dancify That floor.  Occasionally we have contestants who are dancers, but largely, our talent pool are people who love to move (and work as teachers, nurses, and tech peeps) and know how to have fun with it. Dancify That is a lot like playing dance-super-hero-dress-up with your best friend — and 8 others– in a fierce, dramatic, very fun dance battle. Some teams/contestants play the show as in character. Others play as themselves. The team that wins is selected based on some strange alchemy that the gods keep secret. Seriously. Often it’s those that have the most fun. Sometimes it’s those that laugh while they dance. Other times it’s those with the most serious dancer face. It’s all over the place. You should have a sense of humor about yourself. That might be the most important ingredient. 
Iif you have even the tiniest curiousity about it, you should probably try it. We’re a welcoming bunch and don’t care who wins anyway. We’re in it for the love.