Dancify That is committed to diversity and inclusion. 

We believe…

– in communal joy and the power of being together. 
– in personal expression through movement and bold performance.  
– that differences in opinion and self-expression can peacefully and dynamically co-exist.

We are committed to integrating and elevating under represented faces and narratives in the entertainment industry.




Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

Maira Duarte

Dancer and Creator/Founder of Dance to the People.

Tanyika Carey

Actress and Diversity and Inclusion at the Magnet Theater.

Nobuya Nagahama

Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor at Peridance.

Asha John

Actor, Educator, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

Olney Edmondson

Dancer, Educator, Fitness Instructor.