Wildly fun! Visually stunning! A terrific blend of dance, comedy and big, beautiful personalities. 

Elana Fishbein

Story Pirates

Dancify That is about loving life. 

Aaron Laroche


This show is one of the purest expressions of joy I’ve ever seen.

John Huntington

Photographer, CUNY

I LOVE this show! It combines pure talent, ridiculousness, and belly laughs simultaneously! It’s always a good time!

Esther Blanchard

Manager, Callen Lorde

Take raw improv talent, quirky character duos, mixed with viral videos and add a sprinkle wild energy and whimsy, and you’ve got Dancify That! Always exciting surprises moment to moment and deliciously delightful joy. What more could you ask for?!

Courtney Boddie

Director of Education, New Victory Theater

Never a dull moment! I will definitely be going back!

Colette Ambo

Administrative Associate, Amas Musical Theatre

Inspired comic rehab for the souls of dancers. 

Abby Bender

Producer, Triskelion Arts

One of the funniest, most action packed, and truly unique shows in NYC! Hilarious! LOVE IT!!

Julia Fredenburg

Do not miss this show. An absolute must-see for New Yorkers or anyone visiting the city. Conceptually and in execution, there’s nothing like it.

Paul McGinnis

Puppeteer, Sesame Street + The Muppets

A singular experience that celebrates the immediacy and ephemeral nature of dance, with light-heartedness and SO MUCH JOY!

Cori Marquis

A highly entertaining, innovative game show where our daily viral video culture collides with dance moves to bring a fresh dose of HILARIOUSNESS to the masses! This is THE show for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Karesia Batan

Director, Queensboro Dance Festival

Relaxing, hilarious atmosphere for all.

Asha John

Career Coach, Creative Connections NYC

No one else is doing anything like this. Dancify That is giving depth to silly game-shows while amplifying the visibility of artistic process.

Maira Duarte

Director, Dance to the People

I don’t believe there is a way to describe this show in words, but I will say that I will never forget the night I saw a live peacock on stage during a dance inspired by a viral video.

Chris Duffy

Comedian, Writer, HBO

There is no bigger thrill than watching these dancers dream up smoking moves inspired by viral videos right before your eyes!!! Go get it!!

Ben Weber

Teacher, Artist, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, New Victory Theater

Creative energy at its best! Dance, comedy, general hilarity, some of the best time to be had in NY!

Geneviève LeLoup

Textile Designer