Dancify That Workshop

Our workshops are perfect for individuals and teams interested in having fun, taking risks, and boosting confidence. Our instructors have years of experience in classrooms and corporate training environments.  An unforgettable experience that’s great for team building and creative problem solving.

Duration: 2-4hrs. (multiple session residencies also available.)

Cats being jerks. Bizarre near misses at a traffic stop. Trust fall fails. Internet videos are impossible to not watch. Why is that? The surprise? The personalities?


Regardless of the field you may work in, keeping an audience’s attention is a invaluable skill. In this workshop we will use the dynamics of these videos as a way into creating captivating performance.
In addition to the videos we will go through a series of exercises which explore surprise, comedy, character, and bold creative choice. Each participant will have the opportunity to take their ideas, share them with a group and then perform with other workshop participants. 
The primary goal of this workshop is empowering individuals to be bold and take risks in a playful and collaborative performance environment. However, its ultimate goal is to empower groups to create space for the voices of it’s members in the service of greatest collaborative output.

Billy Schultz has performed original comedy and physical theater all over the USA and Western Europe. Notable venues include the Guggenheim Museum, Signature Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Dixon Place. He works in public engagement, curriculum development, and as a teaching artist for the New Victory Theater, Brooklyn Arts Council, and Brooklyn Academy of Music.