The Workshop

Discover and sharpen your comedy-dance skills in a workshop inspired by the comedy-dance game show Dancify That! We’ll play improv and movement games, develop over-the-top dance personas, and use viral videos to inspire short dance pieces. Great for dancers looking to develop their comedy chops, improvisers and actors who’d like to turn up their level of fearless physical play, and anyone interested in a damn good time.

Typical workshop is 2-4 hours in length and is available for ages 8-88.
University workshop/show package available.
All inquires: dancifythat(at)

This was the most fun I’ve ever had in a workshop and I’d love to do it again.
Adrienne T.

I had an absolute ball and am so down for more.
Kasia K.

Dancify was a fun and freeing way to get out of your head and into your body on stage.

Mark S.

Workshop instructors created a friendly, welcoming environment in which students of all experience levels could feel comfortable being silly and creating gloriously ridiculous dances. I had a great time and highly recommend the class.

Kerry E.

Confidence.   Creativity.   Personal Expression.   Lots of Fun. 

“Dancify That has become the dance club’s main event. The students love working with Billy and the participation and audience grows every year. The format’s focus on play and good natured competition helps build community, and gives students an outlet to make bold choices in a safe space. The spirit of fun, and need to commit quickly and wholeheartedly can lead to daring performances by even the most self-conscious students. In addition, the student officers have learned a lot from the process of producing the show. I have seen the students’ confidence grow as both performers and producers by participating in Dancify That.” 

Amy Larimer
Associate Professor/Director of the Dance Program
Music, Multimedia, Theatre and Dance Department
Lehman College


Sarah Petersiel is Dancify That’s Official Timekeeper/Grim Reaper. She’s also Co-Artistic Director of the physical comedy ensemble Under the Table, a Teaching Artist with the New Victory Theater, and a Hospital Clown with Healthy Humor. She’s taught physical comedy masterclasses to performers of all stripes.


Ben Weber is one half of the Dancify duo Chöd and 50% of the Dancify duo XIPIXIZ (zee PEEK sees). He’s also a Teaching Artist with the New Victory Theater, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Brooklyn Arts Council, as well as the host of the podcast Cozy Zone with Ben Weber.


Billy Schultz (Creator and Director of Dancify That) has performed original comedy and physical theater all over the USA and Western Europe. Venues include the Guggenheim Museum, Signature Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Dixon Place. He works in public engagement, curriculum development, and as a teaching artist for the New Victory Theater, Brooklyn Arts Council, and Brooklyn Academy of Music.
“As a dance educator who often works with students who do not consider themselves dancers, Dancify That is a goldmine. Dance is a language with many dialects. There is ballet, swing, house, tap, etc. Dancify That offers another dialect– one that is based on playful creative physical engagement with the world. The use of funny videos or imagery from everyday life as inspiration for dance makes the creation of movement accessible and brings people together in a way that is unique, important, hilarious and joyful.”

Penelope McCourtyDancer, Dance Educator, Choreographer