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Dancify That, the Chocolate Edition
Dec. exact date tbd. Co-production with Megan Sipe of Chocolate Dances and Genevieve Leloup of Chocomotions.


We’re taking it easy producing shows these days and working on some exciting development stuff for when we can all come back together. That being said: If you’d like to co-produce a show, we’d love to hear about it! Get in touch at dancifythat (and we’re at) gmail.com

Don’t miss this show if you are in NYC. Funny, smart… who knew you could laugh so hard at a dance show? Go!

Blanca Vivancos


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There is no single type of Dancify That performer. If you like to move, be playful, play a character, fiercely express yourself through wacky movements, and get lost in dance: Come On In. We’d love to meet you and if you’re interested, have you perform in one of our shows!

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Dancify That is in full support of BLM and is actively working to be an anti-racist presence on the media landscape. This includes not just casting BIPOC performers, but making sure that our production team is inclusive. For more on those involved in our conversation, please see our Representation Matters page, and feel free to reach out for more information.

-Billy Schultz, Creator and Director

Dancify That is produced in Brooklyn, NY, unceded Lenape Land.

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