Zoom Shows

With covid we can’t get together on the same dance floor, but we can get together on the same screen! We’ve had 2 Zoom shows and have three more lined up. Stay tuned for links to our up-coming shows (all on Zoom.)

Dancify That Zooms to Japan
Sept. 25, 10pm EST, (Sept. 26th, 11am Japan Time)
Co-produced with Nobuya Nagahama and Toshi Nakazawa

Dancify That Halloween Edition
Oct. 30, 8pm co-produced with Olney Edmondson, Asha John and Michelle Francesca Thomas.

Dancify That, the Chocolate Edition
Co-produced with Megan Sipe of Chocolate Dances
Nov. 15th, 7pm

Don’t miss this show if you are in NYC. Funny, smart… who knew you could laugh so hard at a dance show? Go!

Blanca Vivancos


Want to perform?

We’re always looking for new talent. There is no single type of Dancify That performer. If you like to move, be playful, play a character that dances, fiercely express yourself through wacky movements, lose yourself in dance, get goofy or alternately put on a very serious dancer face, go ahead and

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Dancify That is in full support of BLM and is actively working to be an anti-racist presence on the media landscape. This includes not just casting BIPOC performers, but making sure that our production team is inclusive. For more on those involved in our conversation, please see our Representation Matters page, and feel free to reach out for more information.

-Billy Schultz, Creator and Director

Dancify That is produced in Brooklyn, NY, unceded Lenape Land.