Don’t miss this show if you are in NYC. Fun, funny, smart… Who knew you could laugh so hard at a dance show! Go!!

Blanca Vivancos


Transforming the world into dance you can laugh at.

We’re a live dance game show that uses snippets of pop culture as inspiration for dance.


Live Shows have been cancelled until further notice.

How does the live show work?

Contestants in Dancify That compete in a variety of dance challenges. Some of them are straight forward and technical: Can they learn the moves? But most are creative. Can you dance “winter”? Can you make a dance inspired by different herbs and spices? A basil dance would have to look very different than a cayenne pepper dance. We take the idea of transforming something into dance and use viral snippets of pop culture as inspiration.
We like this idea very much as it’s funny and accessible. We are slaves to our screens. We advocate for you being a champion on the dance floor, and we could care less about whether or not you have any dance training. Everyone can dance and we think you should join us in the fun.
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