When Everything Goes Right

A Hazmat-clad (on-point) burlesque dancer (Leigh Schanfein), Newlyweds (Patrick D’Orseano and Corey Harris) and a Peacock (Dexter) walk into a sold-out dance game show and the rest is a euphoric blur of delight. Other than wishing that I’d rented the space for another couple of hours, there was not a thing I would change about last show. Thanks for those of you that were able to come!

By a sleight margin, newlyweds “Love and Happiness” defeated reigning champions “Bennie and the Hens” (Asha John and Olney Edmondson). We ate cupcakes, we did some nasty aerobics with Patrick Ferrari, and we raised $150 for the ACLU.  And thanks to Leigh Schanfein for the Hazmat Burlesque. Raising the bar people. Or making a pretzel out of it.

Next show will be March 11th at the PIT get tickets early!

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