Dancify That!

Dancify That! was born of Billy Schultz’s (creator and producer) love of of dance and acting workshops. The excitement, intimacy and boldness required to get on stage and make something in a limited amount of time is like nothing else. This show is an offshoot of this experiences taking workshops and his work as a curriculum developer with The New Victory Theater and other performing arts organizations around NYC.


Bring Dancify That! to your Studio/Town/Venue
There is no better way to bring your dance community together than through a lively entertaining, fun filled event. It’s great that we all work so hard, but if you want to bring the community together, FUN works better.
The event can be done in a regular studio, black box theater, a bar or any community space with an open space at least 15′ x 15′. A minimum of 12 contestants and 2 judges are necessary for the show. Have folks from your community bring the show to life and offer an experience of coming together in a unforgettable way.

bax_nov18th_curtaincallphoto from Dancify That! show at Brooklyn Arts Exchange