Performing Arts Videos for a time of Social Distancing

Making and presenting music, dance and theater is still possible and can be incredible with the plan. I’m here to help bring the pieces together.

With COVID-19 making it impossible to produce live events, many dance and theater educators, presenters, and producers are stuck not knowing what to do. I’m here to help you take your work online. Some of my collaborators decide they want to create short snippets (Tik Tok-style) while others want something more formal or long-form. My goal is to find the right fit for you.  There are a variety of ways we can collaborate and all of this can be done remotely.

These past few months have proven that with phone cameras, an internet connection and a google drive, intimate and entertaining performances are very possible. Below you’ll find an exquisite corpse dance by Mitchel Rose, a video by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and a music video by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down. These were all done with very simple camera work and editing, made possible by tidy ideation and production. For examples of work I’ve made with educational institutions, please get in touch via the contact form below and I can pass you private links. 

How we would go about working together:

  1. Talk about what you have been working on with your students. 
  2. Develop a vision and create and outline that suits your needs.
  3. Students shoot videos of themselves and then upload them to a shared drive. 
  4. I download the videos and begin editing. 
  5. I pass you the video for comments, make adjustments and finalize your video for sharing. 
About Billy

About Billy

Independent Producer and Educator

Billy Schultz is an independent producer and educator with 20 experience producing videos, live events, developing performing arts curriculum and public engagement activities. He is the creator and executive producer of the live dance game show Dancify That and makes dance videos with movers of all varieties. His playful approach to dance and theater influence his video making and his experience as an educator give him insights on how to bring the best performances out of any student. 

Currently working with: The Workshop Middle School, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn Poly Prep, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New Victory Theater, Brooklyn Arts Council, and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. 

Want to collaborate? Have questions? Get in touch!

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Other Related Collaborative Endeavors

“Activate Us One More Time” was a (remote) collaboration with the New Victory Theater Teaching Artist Ensemble. “NYTimes Mac & Cheese Dance” was made in collaboration 9 dancers, all of whom used a NYT recipe video as inspiration for dance. “5 minutes to Dance-ify That”  is a playlist of videos made in dance studios with dancers using a video as inspiration for movement. 

Other dynamic videos made with very simple cinematography: