(Remote) Dancify That TV Show

A dance game show featuring games, sketches and interactive challenges for the audience.

Amateur performers compete in using video as inspiration for dance.
International Cast (Italy, Japan, Spain, USA represented.)

Run Time: 22 mins

Intro Welcome from the Host

Dance Meteorologist 1 min.
Looking ahead to the week’s weather as dance. 

This Week’s Headlines as Dance  4 Mins.
Recap of the week’s tnews, then a dancer performs a dance inspired by the week’s headlines. 

Interview with the dancer about the news and about the moves they made. 

Short Segment (3 mins)

As an example: “Tribute to the Masters”
Non-dancers trying to re-create incredible dance masterpieces. (I used to do this in a studio with peeps. Sheltering in place families or friends could do in their yard or living rooms.)

Recipe Dances (5 mins)

People from all over the world dancing along to recipe/cooking videos.

Comedians Watch Recipe Dances (5 mins)

Dance commentary and interpretation by comedians, families, personalities.

People Make Dances (10 mins.)
People making dances inspired by video. 
(I used to do a video series with dancers, see accompanying video)
4 teams. Each team shoots the process of making their dance.

We see them gathering props, writing down ideas, storyboarding their dance, moving furniture, rehearsing and finally, presenting a polished version. 

Meet the Judges. See them watching the dance and giving commentary (the record themselves. Reaction video.)

Then get teams on a Zoom call and announce the winner. 

Teams (self-tape) their thoughts and reactions.

Dance Off Pants Off!

Contestant and participants in our show all take their pants off and dance along with Patrick. 

Playlist of all Segments

Dancing weather forecasts, horoscopes, and the week’s headlines along with everyday people re-creating famous ballets, dancers making choreography inspired by famous movie clips, people dancing along to a cooking video, and a Rooster and a Chicken that chase each other around the city at locations featuring public art. Is this last one dance? No but it’s part of the world.