The white owned media landscape has a long history of stereotyping, profiting off of, and appropriating the BIPOC community. My goal is to have Dancify That be an anti-racist presence on the entertainment landscape that shows an inclusive group of people hilariously and harmonious expressing themselves through movement.
I believe that such entertainment can be radical, healing, restorative, and am in conversation with friends and collegues as to how I can make a show that celebrates individual expression and brings people together. For more on this please get in touch via the contact form below. 
-Billy Schultz, Creator and Director

Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

Olney Edmondson

Dancer, Educator, Fitness Instructor.

Maira Duarte

Dancer and Creator/Founder of Dance to the People.

Tanyika Carey

Actress and Diversity and Inclusion at the Magnet Theater.

Asha John

Actor, Educator, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

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