Dance Duos


Sam Gold and Ben Weber are
Welpton and Hank, Chöd
Welpton’s poetic movement hails from three distinct lineages: Buddhist Cham Dance, Sufi Dervish tradition, and Paul J. Curtis’ American Mime Theater. Hank would like to thank Jean Claude Van Damme, particularly for his work in Timecop. The two met at an Ecstatic Energy for Men workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.


Asha Johns and Olney Edmondson are
Bennie & the Hens
Asha and Olney have been dancing together since 2005 after joining the same Sorority where they were on the step team.  As their friendship grew, they began to choreograph and work more closely together on several different projects throughout the city.  Both are teaching artist, teaching all over NYC and both love to perform whenever they get the chance.


Jeff Seal and Chris Manley are
Jeff and Buttons Fresh off their Lower Adirondack Tour, Geoff and Kriz are excited to perform for the first time in front of an alive audience. Geoff studied dance in his mom’s basement and Kriz learned all he knows in kindergarten, after which he immediately fell behind a rock where he lived for 27 years. As a duo, they have performed for such luminaries as: no one, a cat who was asleep on a laundry machine, a cleaning woman who thought the room was empty, and a hotel manager who asked them to leave because they had snuck into a room without paying.

Too Blondes
Savannah and Chase are ‘Too Blondes’ dancing their way through the Big Apple. The New York Times compared these blondes to the hit TV show ‘Broad City’ and has supplied them with the nickname “The Smothers Sisters.” They recently won the Broadway World Award for best duo. Yay! For info on upcoming shows and comedy videos visit

Emily Asaro and Donna Wood are
Karmalized Onions is a Tri-state area based dance duo with a reckoning for revenge for no reason, 24/7. You can find Emily performing at the the Pit, UCB, Reckless, and can be seen weekly at the Armory with her House Team Supermodel U.N. You can see Donna performing improv at the Pit and UCB and is currently writing a new feature film.


Shannon O’Brien & Rachel Slaughter are
The Polka Spots
With a combined age of 165 the Polks Spots are spending their golden years competing in polka competitions across these great U-nited States.






thomasmeganMegan Bascom & Thomas Ciccone are
‘Duke & Daisy’ 
Dance games are a large part of our creative process, where the unique nuances of each collaborating artist are highly utilized. We see performing as a way to share our expressions of the human experience and are thrilled to be a part of a game-themed dance show. Time to play!





Svea Schneider and Isabel Antoniani sveaisaare
Gretel & Gretel
Svea Schneider, originally from Germany, is a NYC & Lima based dancer, choreographer, educator & activist. She holds a degree in dance anthropology from NYU & is the founder of KINEMATIK Dance Theater. Isabel Antoniani trained at Alvin Ailey and Ballet Nacional de Cuba and is a NYC based dance artist and certified Pilates instructor.




Krissy Harris and Andy Jacobs are
Derrick and Tammy, the MASSive2$h!ts
Derrick is a sad alcoholic, just trying to find his place in this world. Tammy works hard, plays hard, and doesn’t care about your excuses. The two best friends met outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Worcester, Massachusetts.





Willy Appelman and Woody Fu are
Double W
Willy and Woody are two New York based writers and comedic actors. They love to dance and hope you are a voyeur.


Jamie Roach and Shlomit Oren are
MimiMi and Chochona

MimiMi and Chochona met onstage at Circle in the Square Theatre School. Though they’ve been ripped apart by traveling circuses and high flying stunts at the Met, they reunite for one night only to rekindle the old flambé🔥