Transforming the world into dance you can laugh at.

We’re a live dance game show that uses snippets of pop culture as inspiration for dance.



Our Story

Two things really.
1. People have been making dances since the dawn of time. We’ve been making dances inspired by gods, inspired by mating, for royalty or as a way of celebrating being together. Dancify That is all about celebrating being together AND making dances– in our case inspired viral videos, news reports and cat memes because that stuff is hilarious, dynamic, and surprisingly accessible as a prompt for making moves.
2. There’s an idea out there that some people “dance” and others don’t. That’s garbage. Everyone can dance and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just listen to the music and do what feels good. 

So Dancify That is a game show but really it’s about celebrating being creative, fiercely self-expressive, and together. Sounds sweet right? It’s also a dance battle so BRING IT. 

Don’t miss this show if you are in NYC. Fun, funny, smart… Who knew you could laugh so hard at a dance show! Go!!

Blanca Vivancos


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