It’s a Dance Game Show


Contestants make and perform dances inspired by bizarre internet videos and then are judged by comedians who know nothing about dance.


The toned and technical, the supple and spirited, the bodies in this show explode with fierce and entertaining expression.


Interpretive dance has always been funny. Now you’re allowed to laugh.

Creative energy at its best! Dance, comedy, general hilarity, some of the best time to be had in NY!

Genevieve Leloup, Audience member

The best show I’ve ever produced.

Billy Schultz, Producer

Fri. 7/13   8PM @ the PIT
Fri. 9/7   8PM @ the PIT
Fri. 11/9   8PM @ the PIT

Our show is built on the idea of having contestants use something (that is not dance) as inspiration for dance. We mostly use videos. Cats and lizards. Cats and cucumbers. Cats being jerks. Lots of cats. We’ve also used news reports gone wrong, family vacation fails, a meteorologist being surprised by his dog, bros being stupid, girls being badasses.

Want to participate or host a workshop? We do those!

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